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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Gods of the Last Generation: Heaven's Passion... TEASER!!!

He kept to himself... usually leaving the house only in the evenings, maybe to attend a play or go to a late dinner at the club. Always dapper, so elegant, he knew his place in the world and fit it quite well. Wherever he went, he seemed to invoke many emotions from others around him.  The ladies, even those that were already attached, whether young or old, glanced his way from a distance as they did not want to get caught watching him with lust in their hearts that was not aimed at their own man. Then there were those that were more bold, especially the single ones, who would approach with slick stealth. Some acted shy, while others were shamefully obvious.  His essence seemed like an aphrodisiac to all of them; they were drawn like a cat to cream.

    The other gentlemen, whether they knew him personally or just by putting a name to his face,  either admired him or hated him.   The admirers had mutual respect or even an unexplained attraction, that surprised even themselves.   Those that despised him, did so with a vengeance and envied him for all he must have, that his future seemed set for him; never necessary to work for his fortune.  Not to mention the fact that the females all flocked to him and they were left waiting until he departed the room.

    This was the life of Zander Salvatora, at least the one that others saw, that he chose to reveal, but his true existence would never be understood by anyone that didn't live it themselves....

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