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Friday, 9 September 2011

Desire of the Damned Teaser, from "EVERNIGHT"

He moved stealthily to her, his body pinning her to the wall.  She gazed up at him, and whispered the only name she knew. “Zoran.”, He gave half a grin, and lowered his head to her ear, pushing her red hair out of the way as his breath caressed her skin.

    “Your name, maiden, please tell me,”  As she said Kassandra, he groaned at the sound. “Kassandra, you have released me, and my heart, body and soul belong to you, as you do to me.  You always have, my fair one.  It was foretold by my father, and you have followed as time told you to.”  He let his lips touch lightly to her neck and felt her shudder as his hand threaded into her hair, he gazed into those eyes, completely captivated.  As their faces were only a breathe apart, he took her lips with his kissing her so lightly, she wasn’t sure that their lips had touched at all.

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